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How we harvest

Harvesting cacao and transforming it into delectable cacao nibs is a meticulous process that blends tradition with precision. In the lush rainforests of Ecuador, we carefully pick ripe cacao pods from the trees, often using long-handled machetes to avoid damaging the delicate beans. The pods are then cracked open, revealing rows of cacao beans encased in a sweet, white pulp.

To begin the fermentation process, the beans, along with the pulp, are collected and placed in a marquesina to dry out. Then they are Left to ferment for several days, this step is critical in developing the beans' unique flavours. Subsequently, the fermented beans are spread out under the sun on large mats or concrete slabs, a process known as drying. Over the course of a week or more, the sun's warmth reduces the beans' moisture content, bringing out the rich, complex flavors essential to premium cacao.

Once dried, the beans are carefully sorted to eliminate any defects or foreign matter. After this meticulous selection, the beans are roasted to deepen their flavors and loosen their outer husks. Finally, the husks are winnowed away, leaving behind the prized cacao nibs, ready to be enjoyed in their purest form or transformed into various chocolate products. This is a hardworking job yet rewarding process preserves the natural goodness of cacao while honouring the rich heritage of Ecuadorian cacao production.